“Read like a Reader” Notes

Reading ‘like a reader’

We might think of this as the “normal” way of reading where we try to figure out what a piece of writing means by understanding the words a writer uses.

What does the author want us to know and feel?

When you read ‘like a reader’ you usually do one or more of the following six things:

(these are comprehension strategies- they help us understand as much as possible-to get the Author’s message)


  1. No reader, it seems, can resist thinking about what a writer is going to write next. Predicting helps readers sort out important information from unimportant information. It also helps them organize their thinking as they encounter new material.


  1. Readers ask good questions about the things they read:

Why is something happening?  Or not happening? Why is a character feeling or acting a certain ways? Why did the author use a particular word? And so on.

Questions help readers clarify their understanding.


  1. Infer. Readers figure out things that aren’t actually written in the text. There’s almost always more to a text than just the words on the page. Often, writers leave “clues” that good readers can use to discover important information.


  1. Connect. We can’t help but be reminded of our own lives as we read. We’re also reminded of similar things we’ve read in other texts and other parts of the same text.


  1. Feel. Readers have feelings while they read. Sometimes, it seems like we have a direct connection to what we’re reading: sad parts make us feel sad, happy parts make us feel happy, scary parts scare us, and so on. But often, the feelings we have are more subtle. Much of the meaning we get from a text comes from the emotionswe feel when read it.
  1. Evaluate. Readers make judgments while they read: Is this good? If so, what’s good about it? Do I like it? Why? Should I keep reading or should I put this down and get something else? The evaluations they make help them decide whether or not what they are reading is valuable.




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