Homework Week 9

  1. Reading for 4 nights, record length of time read and pages you have read in your diary.

2. Maths: Hotmaths task Place Value revision

3. Debates / Speeches

4. 100 Word Challenge to be posted on your blog.

5. Diaries MUST be signed

One thought on “Homework Week 9”

  1. As the evening skies darkening the sky, the stars twinkled in the distance, I was in my living room in the evening doing some school homework, doing an essay about black holes and the essay had to be at least 12 pages long.
    “Hendrie!” Mom shouted from the other side of the living room near the balcony.
    I rushed over went to the balcony, I saw an eclipse illuminating the sky, eliminating the star’s twinkle.
    When I turned to my right I saw flying dragon bones, which I did not realise they could fly and I also saw a QWERTY!

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