Homework – Due Friday 13th March

  1. Please make sure you read 3 nights this week, recording both the amount of time read and the pages read in your diary.
  2. ICT Agreements are due – please return ASAP
  3. Place these decimals in order. Choose which level you are able to complete independently:

Level A:       0.5      0.7     0.34     0.3      1.3

Level B:        3.24           3.42        3.26        1.35

Level C:        0.204       0.302         0.002         0.303         0.320       0.32

4.  Choose 3 interesting or new words from you reading and place in a sentence that shows you understand the meaning  eg. shrieked – I saw a great, big, hairy spider and I shrieked in terror making an ear-piercing noise.

5. Re-read the 100wc challenge you wrote last week. Look at the feedback you have received and see if you can revise and edit using some of the suggestions made.


11 thoughts on “Homework – Due Friday 13th March”

  1. Hey Libby,
    I was just wondering what is the order of A, B and C of the easiest and the hardest.

  2. The homework is set out at the start of this post. The 100wc that Adrian is referring to is that you must look at last week’s 100wc and edit/revise based on the feedback you received. See if you can improve last week’s piece.

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