Week 8 Homework – Due Friday 20/3

  1. Reading 4 nights. Make sure you record in your diary what pages you have read and how long you have spent reading. you should read a minimum of 20 minutes – preferably 30 minutes.
  2. Please complete the 100wcWe have someone in difficulty for this week’s prompt. It is:

    … ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted …

    Things to think about:

    • Is this a physical situation?
    • What is he holding onto?
    • What will happen if he let’s go?
    • He is shouting so is this dangerous?
  3. Maths – find something at home that is measured in : kilograms, grams, metres, millimetres, degrees, litres and seconds. Record the item and it’s measurements e.g. the bag of flour is 2kg. We have used half so we have 1kg left.

Reminder – Friday is ‘Live for Lily’ day – wear pink.

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