Tuesday 21/4

Math Lesson

For those who are having difficulty accessing OneNote, here is the Math lesson for today…


A A Farmer has realised that part of the fence surrounding his paddock has been broken. He has decided to replace all the fencing around the paddock.

How will the farmer know how much fencing he needs to buy?


What is the term used to describe measuring this? The farmer measures the p______________ of the paddock to work out how much fencing is needed.


G  I understand how to measure the perimeter of a shape using formal units of measurement.
N perimeter. • Is  the distance around the outside of a shape, calculated by adding the length of all sides together.







Below are some  Math Problems to solve. Show your working out in your book or in your OneNote Notebook if you are able to access.


If you are able to add your work to your Class Notebook, follow the steps below:

  1. Save the Word document in the documents folder on your laptop
  2. Make a new page under your name/maths and call it Tuesday 21/4
  3. At the top of your OneNote page, click Insert/File Attachment
  4. Find you maths document in the document folder and click Insert

Perimeter (& Area) Word Problems

Problem Number Sentence and Calculations Answer
Libby has just bought a rectangular display board for her classroom.  It has a length of 90 cm and a width of 50 cm. Libby would like to put a border of yellow ribbon around the perimeter of her display board. How many centimetres of yellow ribbon will she need to buy?

Extension: If Libby decides she would like to put a blue fabric backing piece to cover the whole board, how much blue fabric will she need?

Chris has just bought a new puppy. She needs to build a fence around her backyard so the puppy can’t run away and get lost.

Chris’s backyard is a rectangle. It has a length of 8 m and a width of 6.5 m. How many metres of fencing does Chris need to buy?

Holly does her hair every morning using the square mirror on her bathroom wall. The mirror has sides of 60 cm. What is the perimeter of Holly’s mirror?

Extension: What is the area of Holly’s mirror?

Isabella’s dad is laying out new grass in the backyard. The backyard is a square, with sides of 12 m. What is the area of grass that Isabella’s dad will need to buy?



Perimeter (& Area) Word Problems

Problem Number Sentence and Calculations Answer
Last year, Giorgio and Evan went to the circus with their family. The big top was in the shape of a hexagon. Before the circus began, Giorgio, Evan and their family walked around the perimeter of the big top. How many metres did they walk, if each side of the hexagon was 22 m in length?

Extension: What would be the area of the canvas floor used to cover the base of the big top tent?

Farmer Tom and Farmer Tim own farms next to each other. They both have goats on their farms.  Farmer Tom has a large rectangular paddock for his goats with a length of 20 m and a width of 8 m. Farmer Tim has a smaller rectangular paddock for his goats with a length of 10 m and a width of 5 m. If Farmer Tom and Farmer Tim decide to join their paddocks together, how much fencing might they need to go around the combined paddock?

Extension: What will the area of the new goat paddock be?



Extension: I have 50m of fencing materials. What could the dimensions of my paddock be?

Show this in 4 different ways. Draw a diagram to show the shape and dimensions of the paddock. All examples must be of different shapes. 2 examples must include a decimal value of at least 2 lengths.

Record your working out on today’s maths page in your Class Notebook

G How would you explain to someone else how to calculate a shape’s perimeter?

Extension: How would you explain to someone else how to calculate a shape’s area?


When might you need to calculate perimeter in a real life situation?

Extension: When might you need to calculate the area in real life?


Art lesson details can be found on the MPPS Art Blog – http://mppsarts.global2.vic.edu.au/

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  1. Hi Libby,
    I’m not sure if i have missed something with the maths, what do you mean by leave a picture of your plan for 24/4 lesson.


    1. Hi Adam,
      We missed you at the Class meeting today on WebEx. Have you been getting my emails?
      On OneNote go to the Content Library and click on Daily Timetable, then Friday 24/4.
      Scroll down to the Maths lesson (it has a picture of a cubby house).
      The ‘plan’ you need to put in is you plan for either the marble run or the diorama (as in the application section).
      Let me know if this doesn’t make sense.

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