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Homework Due Friday the 21st of February

This week’s homework tasks:


4 Nights of Reading, including time spent, pages read and signed.


In your Homework book, record the distances from Melbourne to each Australian capital city.

Make sure include units of measurements

Mark the capital cities on your map. Read the numbers to your parents/carer and ask them to sign it.


Write a reading response in your homework  book based on your home reading; this should be one paragraph long

It should include either a connection, question or summary of what you have read.

Homework – Week 3

Homework this week is due on Friday 14th February.

  1. Please handwrite the 100 word challenge (prompt below). Remember to write neatly, use punctuation and check your spelling.…as it flew towards us I couldn’t see what it was …

    Things to think about:

    • What is it?
    • Is it dangerous?
    • What do you think it is?
    • What will this mean?
  2. Read 4 nights for the week. Make sure you record the title of book, pages read and time spent reading.
  3. Diary needs to be signed by parent or carer at least once this week.
  4. Revision of skip counting (multiplication facts). This can be done in your book, using flash cards, making a poster, revising with a parent or sibling or using the link below.

    Times tables

    Whatever you choose, please record in your homework book or diary and ask your parent or carer to sign.

Green Team Application

Being a leader of the Moonee Ponds Primary Green Team provides an opportunity for students to practice leadership skills that they will be able to make use of in their time in Secondary School and into their adult life. It provides a chance for students to give back to the school community that has supported them for many years, an opportunity to care for and lead younger students, and a way to make meaningful change to the way people take care of our planet, dealing with an important challenge facing our global community.

Students who wish to take up this opportunity are asked to write a brief application indicating their commitment to these aspects of the role.

Your application should be no more than 1 page long and should include the following:

  • A brief (1 sentence) introduction of you- your name, what class you are in, and anything else you might want to mention (when you arrived at MPPS/ your siblings etc.)
  • A paragraph explaining your passion and commitment to the environment. This can include any experiences you have had helping keeping places free of rubbish, taking care of animals, gardens or other natural environments, saving water or energy in your home, our school or in your community. You may also include how you feel about the environment, and how your hopes and dreams for your future include caring for the environment-try to be as specific as you can.
  • A paragraph explaining your leadership skills. Give examples of times where you have led others to achieve a goal-this can include working with your peers, adults and those younger than you, as all of these will be important. Try to describe the skills you needed, for example, empathy, communication, organisation, patience, compromise etc.
  • A paragraph explaining your excellent organisation and work habits. The Green team leaders will have lots to do and will need to spend at least 1 lunch time per week working together on improving our school’s environment. Give examples of ways you organise your life, you organise your school work as well as other times you have worked hard in an organised way.

If possible, email your application to Ant at by Monday. Email is better than paper as it helps save waste, but I will certainly accept written applications if email is hard for you in any way.

Looking forward to an amazing and green 2020,


Homework Week 9

  1. Reading for 4 nights, record length of time read and pages you have read in your diary.

2. Maths: Hotmaths task Place Value revision

3. Debates / Speeches

4. 100 Word Challenge to be posted on your blog.

5. Diaries MUST be signed

Move-up Session 2

To post a response to a 100 word challenge prompt, visit the site here:

100 word challenge  (you may as well bookmark it!)

  • Scroll down to the Latest Prompt
  • Scroll down further to “continue reading’ Link and click on it
  • Open your own blog and log in
  • Choose “+New Post” from the menu at the top of the page
  • Name it 100wc and the date and the number of the prompt
  • Copy the prompt picture or words from  the 100 word challenge into your blog entry- “This week’s prompt is:”
  • Set yourself a goal at the top (e.g: “This week I am hoping to use more adjectives/ try figurative language/narrate my dialogue/ use third person perspective/ try non-fiction writing….)
  • Respond to the prompt using between 95-105 words if possible
  • Experiment with style and genre- use it as an opportunity to practise something new.
  • Focus on paragraph structure, sentence structure, and word choice.
  • Always go back and check spelling and punctuation.
  • Show to a parent – Parents should to see it makes sense and share with you what they like about your piece  (they can add a comment to show they  have done so)
  • Publish on your blog
  • Copy the blog post page (e.g
  • Go back to the 100 word challenge latest post page- scroll down to where it says: ” Sorry, you need to log in to enter the 100 Word Challenge. Login at sign up at” Click on the first link to login- use our 5-6 login: libbysclass with the password libbysclass
  • Scroll down and enter your details. where it asks for the blog post link paste in the link you copied earlier
  • An extra option is to use Audacity to record your completed post and add this mp3 file to your post.

Term 4 – Week 8 homework due on the 29/11/2019.

Grade 6s

This week your homework task is to write a letter or poem to your parents, which will be presented to them on Monday the 16th of December (Graduation Night). This draft must be completed in your homework book by this Friday (29/11/2019).


Grade 5s 

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? Write a detailed paragraph in your homework book.


ALL – Maths

Find a picture in a magazine/newspaper or photo of tesselation

tell me what shapes are tesselated are they translated, reflected or rotated?


ALL – Reading;

Literature Circles tasks

if your group is finished, write a character profile;

character’s name;_______________________

Personality; ___________________________

Physical appearance; _____________________

How I feel about this character and why; _______

Getting to know you…

Post a comment down below with 5 things about you…..we have to guess who you are….don’t make it too easy or too hard….

  • Make sure you AREN’T logged on (normally when you comment you should ALWAYS log on- your comments will be deleted by the teacher otherwise)
  • Fill in the name with a name that won’t give away who you are (e.g. ‘someone123’)
  • Put in an email address-either one you own or ‘someone’
  • DON’T put in a website
  • Write a comment that says 5 things about you that are real.
  • Fill in the antispam word
  • Submit comment
  • Now login (if you don’t remember your login, you may ask Ant to login for you
  • Keep refreshing your page and the comments will start appearing- as they do, write a list and see if you can guess who each person is. You can post your guess as a reply to the comment if you like

Homework Due 25th of October

1) Speeches

Grade 5 –School  Captain speech must be completed, teachers require a printed version of the speech (refer to note)

Grade 6 – Valedictory speech must be completed, teachers require a printed version of the speech.

2) Class masters – due on Monday 28/10/2019

This week’s debate topic is  – The driving age should be lowered to 16

3)Literature circles

4) Maths; source a graph to take to school, it must be glued in your homework book.

Valedictory Speech

With the end of the year fast approaching there are a few key events to prepare for. For our year sixes none is more important than graduation. A key element of the evening is the valedictory speech.

As Grace Fleming explains on the terms “valedictory” and “valedictorian” come from the Latin valedicere, which means “a formal farewell”. Grace goes on to explain “the valedictory should fulfill two goals: it should convey a “sending off” message to the members of a graduating class; but it should also inspire graduating students to leave the comfort and security of their school with a full heart, and to embark on an exciting new adventure.”

This year all year 6s will be expected to write a speech, even if they don’t intend to deliver it on the night. All year 6 students will read their speech in front of all the 5/6s on a date to be announced. You will need a printed copy of your speech to be handed to your teacher by Monday 29th October

For some suggestions go to Grace Fleming’s full article at


The internet is full of tips for writing a valedictory speech. YouTube also has many worthwhile samples.

wikiHow includes the following suggestions:

  • Keep it in perspective.
  • Avoid trying to write something that doesn’t reflect your true self.
  • Be open to what the rest of the grade is thinking.
  • Create an introduction.
  • Thank those people who have made a difference in your life and the lives of other students.
  • Add in memories.
  • Acknowledge others.
  • Stay out of cliche zone.

To fully unpack each of these go to:


The website about education( also provides advice around:

  • Know Your Purpose
  • Compile a List of Highlights
  • Writing the Speech
  • Use Anecdotes and Quotes
  • Plan for Time
  • Tips for Preparing to Speak 


Finally has general tips for Valedictory Speeches including how to begin writing it, getting feedback and involving your peers.

For an example of a recent speech given at an MPPS graduation check out