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History website is part of the Sovereign Hill website and has audio recreations of quotes people made at the time of life on the goldfields of Victoria.

These websites offer information about the perspectives of different people and groups on the Victorian Goldfields:

Life on the fields– a range of perspectives including Aboriginal, Chinese, women and children’s perspectives

Gold!- immigration & Population– Aboriginal and Chinese perspectives are given here

Gold!-life on the diggings– some information on the British upperclass and women’s perspective are offered here

Electronic Encyclopaedia for Gold in Australia– the Chinese perspective is explained

Electronic Encyclopaedia for gold in Australia-More on the Aboriginal perspective

The Irish In Ballarat

The Scottish in Ballarat

The Jewish People in Ballarat

Sovereign Hill Interactive map

Use this website to add items to your timeline from an aboriginal perspective- the timeline at the bottom has important events and connections- some of them have videos- watch them to gain a proper understanding:

This resource comes from the amazing, important but incredibly sad and disturbing “First Australians” series from SBS .  This show has many difficult and upsetting descriptions- make sure you only watch it with your parents.

A Convict Story

This interesting and informative interactive page help you learn what life was life for convict settlers of Australia:

Channel seven is currently showing a wonderful series about Australian history called Australia: The Story of us. Watch it Sunday nights or use this hyperlink to catch it any time you like

This BTN article talks about life for some of the kids that came across on the First Fleet


The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM)- AMAZEBALLS!- it’s like all the maths materials, but online. It has a grid and search function to help you find what you are looking for (oh, but it uses Java, so it only works on Internet Explorer…and you may need to update your Java following the links)

Working with fractions:

here are some weblinks to practise calculation of fractions

Adding fractions– this is a brilliant animation (like a widget in Hotmaths) that goes through the process you need to follow to add unlike fractions using pizza- you can put in your own numbers

Adding -there is info on here including an EXCELLENT animation (like a widget) to demonstrate the way to make like fractions- the quiz is at the end

Adding & Subtracting mixed numbers -there is info on here and the quiz is at the end

Adding and subtracting game

Multiplying fractions– -there is info on here and the quiz is at the end

multiplying game

Other fraction links:

Fractions of a group

Monkeys & bananas problem

Monkeys & Bananas


percentage is a kind of fraction we often see when shopping- this website has  a series of problems for you to solve:


Factors and multiples

This website lists the rules for finding factors of a number (whether that number is a multiple or not)  rules of multiples

This is the lesson we worked on about factor trees:

Prime numbers

Now we’ve learned about factors and multiples, it’s time to understand about PRIME NUMBERS- Mathematicians have been going on about these interesting numbers for millennia! Find out what they are and why they’re so interesting on these sites:

Start your exploration  here:

Murderous maths -primes

Numbers that only have 2 factors-1 and themselves are Prime numbers- all other numbers are composite numbers

And then have a try at these activities about primes and composite numbers (not primes!)

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