About the Library

MPPS Library was opened in 1978.  Our Library is a welcoming learning space that encourages children to read, question and interact.   It is both a learning and resource centre for the entire school community and also supports the teaching and learning needs of the classroom.

The library is an integral part of the school’s commitment to fostering a love and appreciation of books, learning and reading.  With this in mind,  every year our school participates in the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Children who complete the Challenge  receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier.

Another way in which we celebrate and promote literature and literacy in our school includes classroom literature activities such as focusing on the CBCA (Children’s book Council of Australia) shortlisted books and a whole school Book Week Dress up parade.

The Library aims to

  • Provides resources that support and enhance the school curriculum for varied interests, abilities and year levels.
  • Provide study space that is conducive to learning.
  • Promote love of reading and motivate students in their reading experiences.
  • Provide resources for students with special needs and reading and learning difficulties.
  • Respect for individual religious and cultural differences.

Library resources and facilities

Our Library has an extensive collection of picture, fiction, nonfiction, large print books,  graphic novels,  CDS and DVDS.   Printing, photocopying and computer facilities are also available. Our collection is constantly growing and changing in order to keep it relevant and up-to-date.

Library classes

All classes attend the Library each week with their teacher.   Students listen and talk about the stories, have quiet reading time and browse and borrow from our extensive collection.

Lunchtime activities in the Library

The Library is open during lunchtime on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Fridays. It’s a fun and vibrant place to be.  We have colouring pages, quizzes, word searches, games and of course students can sit and read.  On Thursdays students attend the Library for Chess club.  It’s very popular and lots of fun.


6 thoughts on “About the Library

  1. Title: Help! I’m a Genius
    Author: Jo Franklin
    The book is about a boy whose name is Daniel and his friends. His family are all geniuses except for him.
    Freddo and Daniel have a competition at school where they try to get the lowest grades out of the class. One day at school Daniel tries his best to get all the answers wrong on a test, but forgets to write his name on the test. This is the start of Daniel trying to be a genius.
    I would recommend this book because it is funny and adventurous.

    • Hi Ayden
      Thanks for your book review. I think we are all geniuses.’ You may also like “My Dog Thinks I’m A Genius” by Harriet Ziefert or “Help I’m a detective” another book by the same author in this series. Keep reading and sending in those reviews.


  2. Nanny Piggins

    Nanny Piggins is written by R.A Spratt. Nanny Piggins is about a pig that runs away from the circus to turn into a nanny with the Green family.

    The characters are, Mr Green, Nanny Piggins, Nanny Anne, Nanny Allison, the Green children, Linda, the Allison Children, Boris & “The Ringmaster”.
    My favourite part is when they went into a secret bunker & Mr Green started crying because it meant he was working, he cared about the his children.

    I’d rate it a 10/10, so obviously I’d recommend it because it’s funny and has plenty of adventures to go on.

    • Hi Ewan
      Thanks for your book review. I agree Nanny Piggins is very funny book full of adventure and fun. Did you know that Nanny Piggins and I share a love of chocolate. Keep reading and sending in those reviews. Olga Librarian

    • HiEwan.

      Me too. Its amazing. You may also want to have a look at Biblo Toyen in Oslo. It was voted “Worlds coolest places” of 2019 and no adults allowed.
      Thanks for your feedback.


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