National Simultaneous Storytime 2021

MPPS enjoyed participating in the Australian Library and Information Association’s National Simultaneous Storytime  on Wednesday 19th May 2021. We joined 1,980,280 readers at 33,418 locations listening to “Give Me Some Space!” by Phillip Bunting being read from the International Space Station by astronaut Shannon Walker.

Give Me Some Space! travelled by rocket to the International Space Station. This launch took place on 3rd October 2020, from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. As well as this book, other items on board the rocket included a crop of radishes that will grow in the station’s plant habitat, and a new space toilet! Skip to 30-minute mark of this video to see the rocket launching.

Key Themes: Space exploration; astronomy; science; inventiveness; passion; the solar system; Earth; environmental conservation; hope; wonder; perspectives and viewpoints.

The Reader: Meet Dr Shannon Walker, astronaut and Storytime from Space reader.

Links for more space and story resources:

Science Time From Space: Astronauts on board the International Space Station have conducted experiments to explore some basic science concepts. This 14-minute video supports NSS, Science Time From Space: Sun, Earth, and Space

Australian Space Discovery Centre: Learning Resources: Space facts and colouring in Pages.

NASA Activity Sheets: Activity, art and craft ideas.

NASA Colouring Pages.

Story Time From Space: Videos of other books being read by astronauts on the International Space Station to the children of earth.

Learn through play: Colouring in pages/ activity ideas.

I enjoyed joining with Grade 1/2 in the library to watch the story on the big screen and discuss what food we’d take to eat in space, considering the lack of gravity. What would you pack? How did you enjoy NSS? Did you try any of the other space activities?

Happy reading, Yvette.

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