Borrowing & Collection

Borrowing types and loan periods

Borrower Loan Limit Reserve Limit Loan Period
Prep 1 1 14 Days
1-2 2 1 14 Days
3-4 3 2 14 Days
5-6 4 2 14 days

Students with overdue items or who have reached their loan limit can borrow again once these are returned.

Library Bags are required for Prep-2 to borrow. Years 3-6 do not need a bag to borrow.

Books on Hold are kept for one week and organised in year levels. Please fill out a Reserve slip with Name, Class, Date and put inside the book.

Returns: Place in Blue Tub near entrance door. Once returns are processed, place on trolley for shelving.

Collection: Picture Books are shelved in Alphabet Box of Author’s Surname (Aaron Blabey=B). Fiction Books are in Alphabetical Order of first 3 letters of Author’s Surname (J.K. Rowling=ROW) and Non-Fiction Books are in Subject Dewey Decimals (Sports 796).

Student Computer: Is available to search catalogue.

Genre Baskets: A selection of fiction books are organised into white Genre Baskets;  Animals, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Humour, Mystery, Realistic, Science Fiction, Sports.

Subject Baskets: A selection of Non-fiction books are organised into black Subject Baskets; Little People Big Dreams-Male, Little People Big Dreams-Female, Science-Technology, Engineering-Arts-Maths, History-Geography, Environment, Sports, People-Feelings, Pets, Ocean Life-Dinosaurs-Reptiles-Insects-Birds, Mammals.

I look forward to seeing you in the Library soon,