Library Tours

Stuttgart Library.  

Libraries are amazing! Not only are they a place where we meet, but they are doorways for us to explore and experience new ideas, images, characters, places and get lost in wonderful stories. In celebration of Libraries, books and reading please find some links below to some amazing Libraries all over the world for us to visit virtually.

Biblo Toyen: Oslo, Norway

VOTED “One of the World’s Coolest Places 2019″ No grown-ups allowed! There are a large range of books, fun house mirrors, a wooden moose and different types of cosy and quirky seating like gondolas, wheel barrels and a dentist’s chair.  Off to Oslo!

Tianjin Library: Binhai, China

Tianjin Library has five levels and a total space of 33,700 square metres. It has floor-to-ceiling, terraced bookshelves able to hold 1.2 million books. Take a tour of Tianjin!

Oodi Library: Helsinki, Finland 

Oodi is a modern Library voted ‘Best New Public Library 2019’.  As well as lots of books, the Library also has comics, eBooks, games to play or you can sit and listen to music.  They also have a robot that can collect and bring your books. WOW! Head to Helsinki.

Stuttgart Library: Stuttgart, Germany 

After winning a competition for the project in 1999, the new Library for Stuttgart in Germany was opened to the public on October 21, 2011.  The Library has over a million books and also has an e-library section for audio and video and provides electronic media such as podcasts, and eBooks. Get me to Germany!

Library of Congress: Capitol Hill, Washington D.C, America

The Library of Congress is the largest Library on Earth. It was founded in 1800 to be used by the members of Congress. It has over 164 million items including photographs, recordings, films and 38 million books! It also houses some record-breaking collections of maps, comics, newspapers, and phonebooks.  They are shelved on about 838 miles of bookshelves in three buildings. Come up to Capitol Hill!

 State Library of Victoria: Melbourne, Australia

The State Library of Victoria is the main library of Victoria and it is located in the Melbourne CBD. The library holds over 2 million books and 16,000 serials including the diaries of the city’s founders, John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner, and the folios of Captain James Cook, R.N. It also houses the original armour of Ned Kelly. Visit Victoria.

Admont Abbey Monastic Library: Admont, Austria

Admont Abbey is a Benedictine monastery built in 1074, located on the Enns River in Austria. The Library Hall was built later in 1776 to designs drawn by the architect Joseph Hueber. It is 70m long, 14m wide and 13m high and is the largest monastic (religious) library in the world with over 70,000 books. The ceiling is decorated with frescoes (paintings done on wet plaster) and there are 48 gold and white windows. Adventure to the Abbey!

Bibliotheque National: Paris, France

The National Library of France is located in Paris. It opened to the public in 1692. On 14th July 1988, construction began to renovate and expand the Library.  There are over 14 million books as well as manuscripts and digital collections. The Library is a 22 storey building with L-shaped glass skyscrapers grouped around an open square. These new structures house all of the Bibliotheques periodicals, magazines, digital books and more than 12,000,000 printed books. A Parisian Tour.

Strahov Library: Strahov, Prague

Strahov Library was founded in 1143 and is located in Strahov, Prague.  The Library is one of the most valuable and best-preserved historical libraries. It is a two storey building and consists of approximately 200,000 volumes. The Library has two halls. The oldest part of the Library, is the Baroque Theological Hall, established sometime between 1671 and 1674 and the Philosophical Hall was established in 1794. Both halls have ceiling frescoes. Straight to Strahov! 

Library of Alexandria: Alexandria, Egypt

Take the Tour by clicking the links below and enjoy!


Have you visited any of these libraries in person or virtually? I’ve been to the State Library of Victoria which is beautiful and I’d love to visit Stuttgart in real life as well as virtually as it’s stunning! I’d love to hear which one you’d most like to visit.

Happy reading! Yvette