New Library books

   Electricity and modern technology John Lesley

In this series you will find out how easy STEM is to understand. The book contains information such as closing circuits, electric motors, how a light globe works, electricity in nature, using a generator to create a current.  The existence of the whole Universe including us and our daily lives can all be described with the wonderful scientific facts that make up these topics.

Themes: Electricity, circuits, generators, electric motors.

        This small dot by  Zeno Sworder

A young girl introduces the newest member of their family to Earth.  She talks about our  place on this ‘blue dot’ Earth with humour, and shares her experiences on nature and the environment, wisdom from elders, embracing difference, and  the power of imagination  The book provides a  broader, view of who we are, where we come from and where our dreams may take us.

Themes: – nature, environment, family, imagination,

   The biscuit maker by Sue Lawson  and Liz Anelli

Mavin Road there’s no time for neighbours to chat until a mysterious biscuit maker brings everyone together. Benedict Stanley lives alone with his cat in Mavin Road where families hustle, jogger’s puff and workers hurry to catch the train.   There’s no time for hellos or chats. So Benedict decides to make biscuits to mark moments in all their lives, i.e. Halloween and football cookies, and leaves them secretly at their doors. Who is this mysterious biscuit maker?  One day Benedict is ill.  Rory is the only boy who knows his secret, gathers the residents of Mavin Road and brings them to Benedict’s door.   Watch out for the biscuit recipe at the back of the book.

Themes: – Community, connection, neighbours, cooking.

Happy hearts  by Jevita Nilson illustrated by Marina Zlatanova

Zachary misses his grandmother and wonders if she is ok in heaven. One night, with his backpack, binoculars, map and pencils and ofcourse Teddy, Zachary embarks on a magical adventure to a place filled with his favourite things. With an extra special person to guide him, Zachary finds his imagination, his nanna and returns with happiness in his heart.

Themes: grandmother, loss, grief, loss, family, love, acceptance.

            The Lost Library  by Jess McGeachin

Oliver has moved into a new house. It’s hard to leave things behind.  Oliver loves to reading. One day Oliver discovers a book stuck behind his bedroom cupboard and he decides to return it, but where does he begin.   Luckily, his new neighbour Rosie has a great idea for where to start – the local library. As Oliver slips the lost book into the return bin, they find themselves suddenly hurtling down into the depths of the hidden Lost Library.  Flying books, Dragon bookshelf.  Wow.  Beautiful illustrations.

Themes: friendship, friends, books, magic, asking for help.

    Vote 4 me by  Krys Saclier illustrated by Cathy Wilcox

The students of Mount Mayhem School are fed up. Their uniform is terrible; the canteen is full of health food, and the sports cupboard is empty. What can they do?  It’s time for an election to find a student who will speak on everyone’s behalf and make some changes.

Themes: – Elections Australia, student government, voting, politics, democracy.

 Bushfires in Australia by John Lesley

Cyclones and floods and bushfires have always been part of the Australian natural environment. Increasing population has meant that more homes are being built in the outer parts of our cities and some of these regions are close to natural bushland. Thousands of years ago Indigenous Australians knew how to manage bushfires so that the landscapes they cared for would not suffer catastrophic destruction.

Themes: bushfires Australia, Fire-fighters, climate change, animals in bushfires


The forest in the tree how Fung shape the Earth by Ailsa Wild, Aviva Reed, Briony Barr   and Gregory Crocetti.

This story is told by one tiny fungal spore. A little fungus meets a baby cacao tree and they learn to feed each other. They cooperate with a forest of plants and a metropolis of microbes in the soil. The fourth book in the Small Friends Books series, this science-adventure story explores the Earth-shaping partnerships between plants, fungi and bacteria.

Themes: Earth, plants fungi, bacteria, co existence, drought.

    A crocodile in the family by Kitty Black and Daron Parton

A family of birds stumble across an egg in the bush and take it home with them. The family are thrilled when a little crocodile hatches from the egg, but the other animals are a little confused. ‘Why do you keep him?’ they ask. ‘Is it because he’s helpful?’ ‘He is helpful,’ replies the family, ‘but that’s not why we keep him.’ They keep Croccy because he belongs with them.

Themes:-crocodiles, families, animals.

       What do you call your grandpa?

In every country around the world are grandpas short and tall. Though they go by different names, we love them all.  This book that celebrates the many different ways we say grandpa.

Themes: – grandfather, family, different cultures,

      House of mud by  Sophie Masson and Katrina Fisher

Building a mud brick house is an adventure for everyone—Mum, Dad, kids and even Tess, the family dog! Heading out to the block to help make bricks, seeing their house take shape week by week, the children decide that Tess needs her own house too.

Themes: – fun, work family, houses, building.

   The heartsong of wonder Quin Kate Gordon

Summary Wonder Quinn is a lonely orphan, who holds out hope of finding a best friend.  One day a fiery new girl, Mabel, befriends her and they become best friends.   Mabel Clattersham is outspoken, kind and, not afraid of the awful Georgiana Kinch.  Wonder discovers her friend has a list of strange wishes like throw a pie, leap into the sky, break someone’s heart but why is she in such a hurry to finish her list?  It is uplifting  and sad in many ways, as Mabel deals with dying by deciding to experience the things she has never done before.

Themes : friendship, loyalty, unconditional love, death, loss, being true to yourself

.                The wolves of Greycoat Hall Lucinda Gifford

Boris Greycoat and his parents Leonara and Randall are very well-off wolves who live in a mansion in Morovia. They are trying to decide where to go for their next holiday when Boris reads that Scotland is welcoming wolves back into society so they return to their Scottish homeland where they fight to  save the castle that has been in their family for generations, however  a ruthless developer wants to turn a castle, into a massive apartment block. Can Boris save the castle? Some funny and amusing illustrations, about being judged for what, rather than who you are.

Themes: wolves, family, adventure

    Tricky Nick  Nicholas J. Johnson

Tricky Nick is discovers  his love of magic when he meets Trixie a magical mysterious girl and the B.U.M. Brotherhood of United Magicians.  Together they travel back in time to fulfil Nicks destiny and become the world’s greatest magician.  Unfortunately the evil Dr Crick has also travelled back in time to put a stop to this so that Nick never becomes a magician!

Themes: travel adventures, magic, friendship, faith, determination.

               Brain freeze Oliver Phommavanh 

From the author of Thai riffic a collection of some very funny short stories including a dog who accidentally becomes the first animal on Mars, a hopeless chess player dealing with his sports-mad dad, and a girl whose dreams are getting too big for her bed, to a boy who has had 1000 names – so far and the strange boy who never seems to get brain freeze.

Themes: Funny friendship being brave

        Aussie Kids   by  Jacqueline de Rose Ahern and Tania McCartney

Matilda lives in Canberra. Her Dad works for the Prime Minister and so her family often attend events at the many embassies located in Canberra.  One day Matilda attends  the festival at the Japanese Embassy.  She is excited as her friend from school, Hansuke, lives there. Matilda loves the taiko drumming, the food and the origami, but she also sad as she has to say goodbye to Hansuke, who is returning to Japan.

Themes: Canberra, friendship, different cultures.

     My dog is a winner written by Elizabeth Fensham

Eric Bright and his dog Ugly are best mates.  They’re up against their biggest challenge yet: trying to help the serious problem looming over Eric’s mean and miserable big sister, Gretchen. .His dog and mate Ugly is the friendliest dog ever. Ugly’s a great companion and works with the kids at school who are smuggling with issue in their lives. He’s going to rescue Eric’s sister – and, on top of that, win almost every category at the upcoming pet show.  Ugly goes off his food and refuses to play and Eric is concerned, Eric must come up with an idea to help Ugly and his sister too.

Themes:- friendship, compassion, family relationships, overcoming challenges, heroes

    Sunflower by Ingrid Laguna

 Eleven year old Jamila, and her Mama, Baba and baby Amir have settled into their new life in Australia, She still misses her home in Iraq, but she’s so happy to have her whole family safe and together again. Jamila and her new best friend, Eva, sing side by side in the choir at school.    One day, Jamila gets some exciting news that her oldest friend from Iraq, Mina, has been granted a visa to come to Melbourne with her family. Jamila is excited and she makes a list of things they can do when Mina comes to Melbourne. But when Mina arrives, things do not go as planned. Mina is tired and anxious all the time, and she and Eva don’t get on.

Themes: – Friendship, Emigration, Immigration, Iraq, Refugees.

A clue for Clara by Lian Tanner           

Summary Clara is a chicken who dreams of being a detective with her own TV show. She can read claw marks, find missing feathers and knows Morse code but no one takes her seriously.  One day she gets the chance to team up with Olive, the daughter of the local policeman.  Clara has been bullied by the other chicks all her life.   Olive too is dealing with the death of her mum. The story is written in a humours way whilst dealing with serious issues.

Themes. Death, Bullying, friendship

      Across the risen sea by Bren MacDibble

An action packed story Neoma and Jaguar are a team.  They and their families live on an island in a group living “gentle lives.”    People from the Valley of the Sun arrive unexpectantly and this sets off a chain of events.  Neoma and Jaguar leave the safety of her community to save the village. A story about love, loyalty and courage with a strong environmental.

Themes.  Adventure, friendship, family,  love, loyalty, courage, community.

         Monty’s Island by Emily Rodda and illustrated by Lucinda Gifford

Summary   In book two in the Monty’s Island series we follow Monty, Tawny,Marigold, Bunch Clink and Sire Wise and all the adventures they have on the island.  One day Trader Jolly arrives on the island to swap things for the goods they need, however instead of Trader Jolly, Beady Bold arrives and trouble is not far behind.

Themes Adventure , friendship.

   I saw Pete and Pete saw me by Maggie Hutchings, illustrated by Evie Barrow

  Everyone just walks past by Pete accept for a little boy.  The little boy notices Pete’s drawings, his big smile and soon they are friends.  When Pete gets sick the boy want to help him get better.  A heartfelt story about seeing the world around us and the importance of and power of acts of kindness

Themes Kindness, Compassion, Homelessness, Loss.

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    Searching for seashells by Kerry Rosner illustrated by Nicky Johnston

Jimmy is gone and his brother misses him so much.  He wants Jimmy to be here to play. Searching for Seashells is a comforting and gentle story about love, loss and remembering our loved ones that have passed and sharing in a simple way the many feelings associated with grief, it reassures young readers that love and memories continue even after someone is gone.

Themes Family, Grief, Loss, Memories, Anger, Sadness, Brothers.

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   Small Town by Phillip Gwynne and illustrated by Tony Flowers

Based on a true story about how a vanishing town found a way to bring their community back to life.   Milly loves her small town she lives in and she also loves playing basketball with her friends however, families keep moving in and leaving.  Millie’s concerned that soon they won’t have enough players for a team. But when Milly learns at school about the refugees who have nowhere to live, she has a great idea.

Themes   Refugees, Community, Helping others.

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Ellies dragon by CBCA-award winning Bob Graham author/ illustrator.


Ellie finds a newborn dragon in an egg cartoon in the supermarket and she decides to take him home. Ellie decides to hide Scratch in her room in her dolls house. Ellie and Scratch are the best of friends. Ellie takes good care of Scratch. She feeds and trains him, she takes him to the nursery and for walks around her neighbourhood. Ellie’s mum and her teacher can’t see her friend, but Ellie and all her friends can. As time goes by Ellie and the dragon grow up. Scratch becomes less visible until one day Ellie cannot see him anymore.

Themes  Imaginary friends, Friendship, Dragons