Mindfulness Books Read Alouds

Watch Alice read Listening to My Body by Gabi Garcia. This book is get because it helps us to recognise the feelings happening within our bodies and what theta means. It has lots of little mindfulness activities in too!

Watch Alice read Noisy Tom by Jane Martino. A Smiling Mind picture story book about a boy who learns that we all communicate differently.

Watch Alice read the Thank You Present by Jane Martino, a Smiling Mind picture story book about gratitude.

Watch Alice read Super Me, a Smiling Mind picture story book by Jane Martino. A story about a boy’s first day at school, finding his feet.

Watch Alice read I Can Do Hard Things by Gabi Garcia. A book with affirmations, hope and identifying strengths.


Watch Alice read The Mindful Dragon by Steve Herman. This story is about a sad dragon who learns to be present.


Watch Alice read My Mindful Breath (by Nick Ortner, Alison Taylor and Michlle Polizzi). This is a great book about finding calm through mindful breathing.


Watch Alice read Peaceful Piggy Meditation (by Kerry Lee Maclean) which tells us why we need to meditate.



Watch Alice read Your Mind Is Like a Garden (by Shona Innes).This book is great for helping us notice our thoughts. It encourages us to sit back and watch. It is read by ‘Opa.’



Watch Alice read Slow Down World (by Tai Smith). This is a lovely Australian book with great illustrations and an even better message.




Watch Alice read In my Heart (by Jo Witek). This book explores different types of feelings and how they feel in our body. I read it regularly to my preps but it  can give anyone a chance to think about how different feelings can be recognised in our bodies.



Watch Alice read Moody Cow Mediates by Kerry Maclean. This book is great for the Years 3-6s but younger students may enjoy it too.



Watch Alice reads A World of Pausibilities by Frank J. Sileo. This book shows us all the ways we can take a pause. I think it’s a good reminder for all of us.



Watch Alice read How Full is your Bucket by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. This is such a great way for children to think about positivity and kindness.



Watch Alice read I am Peace by Susan Verde.This book really sums up the importance of mindfulness for someone who worries and needs to be more present.


Watch Alice read Mindful ABCs by Tamara Hackett. This book goes through the alphabet explaining some language used in mindfulness like appreciation, belief, create, etc.



Watch Alice read ‘You Might Find Yourself’ by Tai Snaith. This book is great for visualising and the imagination.


Watch Alice read some poems from the ‘Breathe and Be’ book by Kate Coombs. Some lovely short poems about different times of mindfulness.


Watch Alice read a page about managing pain from the book ‘Just Breathe’ by Mallika Chopra.


Watch Alice read a page from ‘Calm- Mindfulness for Kids’ by DK Publishers. We practise some ‘lift breathing’ too.


Watch Alice read a few pages from the ‘Mindful Me’ book by Whitney Stewart. this is a great book for the Year 3-6 students.


Watch Alice read ‘ABC Mindful Me’ by Christaine Engel. An alphabet book about the language of mindfulness. There is something for all of us in it!