Reading – Monday 31/05/21

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Goal: I can track my thoughts as I read.

Read a short story from your collection of books at home. If you don’t have a short story spend twenty minutes reading your chapter book.

First, while reading track your thoughts as you go. You can do this with sticky notes stuck to the page you are reading, or write your thoughts straight into an exercise book.

You might include your thoughts about one or more of the following:

  • A prediction
  • A question you are wondering about
  • A connection you can make
  • An inference about the character or story

Next, draw a visualisation of a scene in the story and try to include all the details that you can picture in your mind.

Finally, write a short summary of what the story was about!

8 thoughts on “Reading – Monday 31/05/21”

    1. You can read anything you like Harley, it could be a picture book, short story or a chapter out of a novel you are reading. Whatever you choose, just like in independent reading!

    1. Great work Chloe! Remember if you want to share it you can take a photo and send it to your teacher, or you can type it up in an email

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