Writing – Monday 31/05/21

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Goal: I can plan and draft a short story.

In class we have been looking at the writing process. We’ve created seeds, then planned, drafted and edited a short story.

Today plan and draft a short story.

First, plan your story. Don’t forget to include a list of characters and settings. Also jot down some notes on the beginningbuild-upproblemresolution/conclusion.

Next, write your draft. Remember to make your writing interesting and think about your word choice. You may also want to think about other strategies you may know such as a sizzling start or show not tell.

You may want to use your own idea for your story or one of the following word prompts or pictures:

  • Look what I found in my Grandparent’s secret cupboard.
  • It was the strangest experience I ever had.
  • The secret world at the bottom of the garden.

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