Maths – Tuesday 01/06/21

Goal: I can count objects in my home

Today you are going to find out about the things in your house and do some counting.

The table below shows different items or objects that you might find in your house.

Your job today is to count how many of each you can find and record it in a table.

First, draw up a table in your book like this:

Next, go around your house and count how many of each object you can find. Record it in the table.

Finally, answer the following questions in your book:

  • Which object did you have the most of?
  • Which did you have the least of?

As a challenge… if you like, you may want to try answering these questions too!

You might need to use some addition strategies to work out the answers.

  • How many spoons and forks are in your house altogether?
  • How many windows and doors altogether?
  • I have 18 forks in my house. How many forks would we have if we add your forks and my forks together?
  • Which do you have more of, pillows/cushions or chairs/seats? Can you work out how many more?
  • If 4 light switches in your house stopped working, how many would you still have that do work?

Remember to write your work neatly in your maths book. If you want to, you can take a picture of your work and send it to your teacher!

7 thoughts on “Maths – Tuesday 01/06/21”

  1. Hi Nicole and Zoe,
    about math’s do we have to do those things on the chart because i did different things.

    1. You can definitely add in some different things around your house as well. The questions underneath ask about some specific items so make sure you have included those ones!

    1. If you want to Kerry. Some people might have too many to count so they might choose just to count indoor plants!

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