Reading – Tuesday 01/6/2021

(press play to hear today’s lesson explained to you)

Goal: I can identify the author’s purpose.

First, read the text “A funny thing happened on the way to school”

Next, identify what the author’s purpose is by using the information below:

Finally,  write down in your exercise book what the author’s purpose is.

You may want to think of a funny/silly excuse for being late for school, THEN draw your original imagined excuse for being late for school.

After you have completed this activity, do some independent reading with your JRB and record your thinking as you go.

8 thoughts on “Reading – Tuesday 01/6/2021”

  1. Reading was really fun when you write and draw about why you were late for school. for example because I’m in lockdown or because I’m still in bed. The book was really funny and imaginative as well.

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