STEAM Fun – Tuesday 01/06/21

Today you will be coming up with your own design for your perfect treehouse. If you get a chance, go outside or go for a walk and look up into the treetops for inspiration!

First… watch the video to hear the story “Everything You Need For A Treehouse”

Next… draw a detailed design of your own dream treehouse.


  • Features
  • Materials that it would be made out of
  • How will people get in and out
  • Are there moving parts?
  • What makes it special

Then… see if you can make a simple model using things you have at home!

You could use:

  • Sticks, leaves or other things from your yard (or that you find on a walk)
  • Craft materials like paper, straws, pipecleaners
  • Building toys, like Lego or other blocks.

Here are some examples below:

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