Welcome to Wednesday!

Hi 3/4s, it was great to catch up with everyone in their small groups. We really enjoy seeing your smiling faces and hearing your joyful voices. Plus, so many great pets. Many also shared their stories created from the prompts, very imaginative and entertaining.

If anyone has any pictures of their drawings, models, stories or working outs please remember you can email them to your teachers.


  • All students are to join their small group Webex meeting. If you can’t join the group at that time, please let your teacher know!
  • Click here to check the time for your Webex groups for this week.
  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm – Your teacher’s Webex room will be open if you want to pop in to ask a question or have a chat!

Scroll down below for todays lessons, including a link to Nancy’s Italian blog! Again, once you’ve finished your lessons you may want to check out:

Finally, don’t forget to get out and move around, even if it is just bouncing a ball on your head.


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