Tuesday 08/06 – Reading

Goal: I can identify the author’s purpose.

First, think about what you have learnt about the author’s purpose. You can use the image below to remind you.

Sometimes it is clear that an author has one specific purpose. For example, a persuasive text where the author states their opinion and explains what they are trying to convince you about is clearly designed to persuade. Another example would be a really funny, silly text like Roald Dahl’s Rhyme Stew, where the author is just wanting to entertain you.

Some texts, however, may be an entertaining story that includes informative facts. An informative text could provide you with facts, but these facts might be designed to persuade you. Authors don’t always have only one, clear purpose!


Next, read the text Kids News article about funny animal photos below. You can download the pdf to read, or press play to hear it read to you.

Funny photos have judges howling like hyenas

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Then, write down what you think the purpose of this text is. Explain why you think this. You might use these sentence starters to help you:

I think the author’s purpose for this text is to…

I think this because this text tells us that…

I noticed in this text…


Finally, if you would like to see some more of the animal photos and read some more about this topic, you can use this link:

More funny photos of animals

There are also some questions and activities at the bottom of the page if you feel up for a challenge!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 08/06 – Reading”

  1. hi Meredith,
    I love reading and i think i am going really well with it ok!
    from Isabelle xxx

    1. Hi Isabelle, it’s great to see you have enjoyed the reading tasks! Keep up the great work! 😊

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