Tuesday 08/06 – STEAM

Goal: I can build a boat that will float and hold weight.

Today, you will be designing your own boat that can float and hold weight. Before you begin building, ask the following questions, What do you already know about boats? What do you know about sinking and floating?

First, watch this video

Next, collect items from around your home to build your boat! Remember your boat will need to float so you might think about items such as; straws, tape, glad wrap, aluminium foil, plastic cups, and, something to use as weights such as coins or counters.

You will also need a large container of water or sink, pot of water or bathtub to fill with water.

Then, plan your idea by either writing or sketching it before building your boat from the items you collected. When your boat is ready test it in your container of water.

Finally, add weights to your boat one at a time, to see how long your boat will continue to float. Describe what happened.

Remember, we would love to see your wonderful creations and hear about what worked really well and what you could improve.

You might like to rule up a page on your books like the attached template and email an image of it through to your teacher!

Building Boats STEAM Activity

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