Tuesday 08/06 – Writing

Goal: I can write interesting and engaging captions for a picture

Captions are used to help explain what is happening in a picture. Sometimes they can simply tell you what is in the picture, however, it can also an opportunity to use your creative writing skills! Today you are going to write some creative captions for funny animal photos.

Your caption should talk about what could be happening in the picture. You might like to come up with a funny idea of what the animal was thinking, doing or feeling when this photo was taken.

You might even like to write it as though it is the animal’s voice!

You could also describe some features of the animal or the environment.

First, press play to view/listen to the PowerPoint showing some Comedy Wildlife Photography photos.

You can download the PowerPoint to view the photos here:

Write a caption for these funny animal photos


Next, choose three (or more) of the photos and write a caption for each one that would grab a reader’s attention or make them laugh! Here is an example:

Remember that you can make your captions as silly as you like! Use your imagination.

Finally, if you would like a challenge, take one of the photos and imagine that it is an illustration from a story. Write a short narrative about these animal characters.

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