Thursday 22/07/21 – Science

Goal: I can conduct a scientific investigation.

First, did you know that the world’s population is 7,800,000,000 people. That is 7,800,000,000 people that need to find food every single day. That means a lot of land is needed for farming.

This year’s Science Week’s theme is looking at this very issue. Are there better ways to grow food to feed the world?

Scientists around the world are experimenting with growing meat in a lab. Farmers are experimenting with raising insects including mealworms and crickets instead of chickens and pigs. Some people have even figured out how to use 3D printers to make food, while others are using vertical gardens so they don’t have to take up as much space.

Today we want you to think about the ways you can help.

Now, watch this Behind The News report about ‘Where Does Our Food Come From?

Next, choose and complete one or more of the activities below:

Design and create a salad to go Design and create a salad to go
Make a salad dressing Let’s mix and make
Design and make soups Design and make soups

Then, share your results with your family. Who knows the might want to add it to the menu for the weekend.

 Finally, if you want to know more about what is on your plate and how we can create better farms watch the video below. You may want to share and discuss it with your family.

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