Friday 23/07/21 – Science

Goal: I can conduct a scientific investigation.

First, did you know that some of the world you eat can come from the other side of the world. Also, even though a lot of the food eating in Australia is grown here, it still sometimes travels long distances before it reaches your plate.

As mentioned in yesterday’s science lesson post this year’s Science Week’s theme is Food: Different by DesignOne thing the organisers want us to do is to think about where our food comes from and, more importantly, can we get it locally or even grow our own.

Today we again want you to think about the ways you can help.

Now, watch ‘How to Grow Fruit & Vegetables at Home.‘ It is interesting to note you don’t need a backyard.

Next, choose and complete one or more of the activities below. All of these involve some amount of materials and time, check with your family first and see if you have the time and materials.

Regrow your veggies 
Grow your own sprouts 
Create a little greenhouse
You may want to try one of the ideas from the video at the start of this lesson. How to Grow Fruit & Vegetables at Home.‘ 

Then, share your results with your family. 

Finally, if you want to know more growing fruit and vegetables at home watch videos on the ‘What can you grow at home?‘ page on the MPPS Science blog. You may also want to share and discuss them with your family.

2 thoughts on “Friday 23/07/21 – Science”

  1. Lee,
    Nicholas Hinvest in 3/4 C has really enjoyed these videos (along with his younger brothers). He has been very interested in growing strawberries in an eggshell and tomatoes in alfoil! Thank you for providing interesting content for them to watch, engage with and learn from.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Phoebe. I don’t want to give much away but I’d be interested to see what they make of Monday’s lesson.

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