Monday 09/08/21 – Science

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Learning Goal: I understand there are many different types of fruit and vegetables

First, did you know the theme for this year’s National Science Week is Food: Different by  Design? It honors the United Nations International Year of Fruits and Vegetables and the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.

The aim is to give us an understanding of sustainable agriculture, food technology and laboratory-developed foods (food made by scientists in a lab!). You might want to ask your parents or teachers what some of these words mean.

Next, to explore your understanding of the types of fruits and vegetables we want you to build your own displays. How many different types are there?

There are several ways to create your display:

  • You can watch this video on how to make a box of 3D origami fruit and vegetables
  • You can draw, and colour, as many different types of fruits and vegetables you know
  • Or you can cut out pictures from magazines and newspapers (don’t forget to ask for permission first)

Then, can you come up with an interesting way to display your fruit and vegetables. You might want to create a fruit basket or an information poster. How will you group them? Colour, most common, most unique? Do the tomatoes go with the fruits and vegetables?

Vegetable Papercraft That Look Good Enough To Eat | Paper art craft, Paper fruit, Vegetable crafts

Finally, don’t forget to share images of your creations with your classroom teacher. Also check out the MPPS Science blog for more news, information, cool clips and family activities based around this year’s theme. You will also find news, information, cool clips and family activities from last year’s theme The Ocean.

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