Wednesday 11/08/21 – Science

Learning Goal: I can design a pollen catcher.

First, how did you go with setting up your windowsill garden in yesterday’s science lesson? While that  isn’t going to be used by farmers and gardeners to grow large amounts of vegetables, it is one way you can reduce waste and reuse food scraps.

Next, before you start today’s activity write down three things you know about making new plants. For example, what do you know about planting seeds? Have you heard of cuttings or cloning? What do you know about the different parts of flowers? Do you know about flowering plants and pollen? 

Then, if you have access to a garden, or local park, check out the different types of flowers you can see. Think about why they have the shape, colour, or size that they do.

Now, open up the document below and complete today’s activity.

Design a pollen trap

Finally, don’t forget to share images of your investigations with your classroom teacher. Also check out the MPPS Science blog for more news, information, cool clips and family activities based around this year’s theme. You will also find news, information, cool clips and family activities from last year’s theme The Ocean.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 11/08/21 – Science”

  1. This task seems quite easy to manage, but I don’t know where I could find any patroleum jelly, and I don’t have any either.

    1. This is the sort thing you could check with an adult in your family when they are free. You could also try to experiment with a different substance. The idea is you want something that you can smear onto the cardboard that the pollen will stick to. It also helps if it is clearish so you can see the pollen. Finally you don’t want something that will dry out too quickly.

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