Thursday 12/08/21 – Wellbeing

Today, we are taking a moment to reflect on our thoughts and feelings and record these in a way similar to journal entry. A journal collects your thoughts, feelings, ideas and observations and records what you did on that day.

LG: I can create a mindfulness journal entry to record my thoughts and feelings. 

First, turn to a new page in your home-learning book and write the heading “Thursday, 12 August 2021” 

Next, being as decorative and creative as you feel in the moment, write or draw a response to the following; 

  • Write or draw at least three things that are good in your life (for example, my family, my friends, my pets, and CHOCOLATE!) 
  • Write or draw about the best thing that happened today (for example, sleeping in, a yummy lunch or a walk in the sunshine)
  • Write down your three favourite songs, movies, and books 

Then, rate your day using star or emoji’s and think about how you might improve it tomorrow! 

Finally, you might like to record answers to the following; 

  • Who were you with today?  
  • Who did you speak to?  
  • What did you eat and drink? 

Remember! Don’t forget to think about things you are looking forward to and add this to your “Things I’m looking forward to jar”

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