Wednesday 18/08/21 – Science

Learning Goal: I can draw a scientific diagram.

First, look at the objects in the pictures below. Think about whether the object in each image is either living or non-living thing. You did learn this in Monday’s science lesson, Lets see what your remember. If you get stuck go back to Monday’s lesson.

living nonliving things once alive

Next, watch the presentation below. You might want to take some notes. 

If you have  trouble viewing the presentation click here to download the PowerPoint: Science 18_08_21 Scientific Diagram

Then,  search around your house, both inside and outside, and find a living or non-living thing that you can draw a scientific diagram of.

Now, draw your scientific diagram of your chosen specimen.

Don’t forget, to go back over the check list in the video to ensure you have the appropriate features and elements.

Challenge: can you do a two scientific diagrams, one for something living and another for a non-living object.

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