Friday 03/09/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can compare the weight of different objects.

Your task today is to compare the weight of one object to the weight of a group of objects. For example how many socks would I need to match the weight of one shoe?

First, you will need to create your own scale to compare the different items. To do so you will need to collect these objects from around the house.

  • Coat hanger
  • Several pieces of string/ribbon
  • You will also need two containers to place your objects in. These could be plastic or paper cups, bowls or bags.

Next, make your home-made scale. Use the string to attach a container to either side of the coat hanger. You can find a doorknob to hang it on or simply hold it.

Next, draw this table up in your book to record your investigation.

Then, choose 1 object and a group of other objects, and estimate how many it takes to make the first one. You will then place the objects into the containers.

Finally, complete 5 different rounds, weighing different objects. You can choose the objects I have suggested, or find some of your own.


  • Try to construct a more elaborate set of scales, for example:
  • Ask an adult if you can use the kitchen or bathroom scales and do this exercise using exact measurements. For example, if a carrot weighs 65 grams and a Lego block weighs 5 grams, how many Lego blocks in a carrot?

Work sample to upload to OneNote: photos of scales and table

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