Monday 06/09/21 – Science

Learning Goal:  I can explore balance when stacking objects

First, think about objects that can stack on top of each other easily. What kind of shapes are these objects? What kind of materials are they made of? What about objects that are really difficult to balance on top of each other? Would it be easier to stack books on top of each other, or balls?

List 3 characteristics or properties of objects that you think can stack and balance easily on top of each other. For example: are they hard, soft, round, pointy, flat, shiny, etc.

Next, did you know that there is an official world record for how many M&Ms have been balanced on top of each other in a stack? Think about their shape and the type of surface they have, and predict what you think the world record might be, then click on the document below to read about the record that was set earlier this year.

Tallest stack of MMs world record

Then, choose an item at your house for a balance stacking challenge at home. Think of something that will be a real challenge, like M&Ms, rather than something easy like books.

Some suggestions are:

  • Cushions
  • M&Ms/Smarties
  • Pencils
  • Leaves
  • Sultanas

Finally, record your predictions, test and observe your balancing experiment, and write up what you discovered!

Here is an example:

Predict – I will be able to balance a stack of 6 cushions

Observe – The cushions kept sliding off each other at first. When I changed the order it helped. I swapped some cushions as well to make it easier. The most I got was 5 cushions.

Explain – It worked best when I used large cushions at the bottom and smaller ones on top. One cushion had a shiny slippery material, so I removed this one and used one that wasn’t as slippery. The flattest cushions were easiest to balance.

Share your experiment in OneNote with a photo if you can.

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