Thursday 09.09.21 Science

Learning Goal: I can build a bird’s nest. 

Different types of birds lay their eggs in different places. Some build tiny nests in bushes, some build enormous nests in tall trees. Some lay their eggs directly on the ground or on rocky ledges. All birds use many different types of materials for their nests. In this project you will try to build your own bird nest using only natural materials that you can find outside. Can you do better than a bird?

Step 1: Think about what materials you will use to build your nest. They can only be natural materials (sticks, grass, leaves).

Step 2: Go outside and gather your materials.

Step 3: Create your birds nest.
Step 4: Test your nest (gently at first!). Can you blow on it, pick it up, or place an egg inside it? Does the nest fall apart or stay together? If it falls apart, what can you change to make it sturdier?


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