Tuesday 14/09/21 – Day 2 Survivor Challenge

Welcome to day 2 of survivor. Good morning and congratulations. You all aced it through day 1 of the survivor challenge!

Nicole and Zoe are your hosts for day 2. Yesterday you formed your tribe and chose your mascot, and today you need to build your shelter!  Nicole, 3/4 A. I know there are other tribes watching so I will let  you know where this shelter is later!

First… Watch the video below to learn about today’s Survivor Challenge:

Next… listen to the audio or read below to get ready for your tasks today:

Now that Zoe has set the scene for you from her secret survivor shelter, it is time to get to work.Before you start, spend 5-10 minutes getting survivor fit with these practise challenges!

To be able to survive in extreme conditions you will need skills such as strength, balance, endurance, strong willpower, and communication skills. Try out one or two of these practise challenges and see how you go:

  • Stand on one leg: Set a timer or stop watch and see how long you can stand still on one leg. Have 3 attempts to find your longest time.
  • Staring competition: Choose a partner at home, or use a mirror – how long can you go without blinking?
  • Survival calls: If you lose your team mates in the jungle, how will you find each other? Come up with a special call that your team mates can recognise to find you! Can you include some animal noises?
  • Superhero pose: Choose your own superhero pose. Stay strong and bold and still! How long can you stay in this position without moving a muscle.

To make sure you are able to build the best possible shelter, you will need to complete learning tasks in:

Then… it is time to complete your survivor challenge and create your shelter. Remember to check with the grown-ups in your home before pulling apart the couch cushion or creating any other kind of mess. Look at the examples and details below:

Don’t forget about Mindfulness – a strong, sharp mind is essential to surviving!

Survivors… BEGIN!

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