Tuesday 14/09/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can name angles.

For a shelter to be made it needs to be at the correct angle. Today in maths we are going to think about what angles are in these shelters.

First, look at the different angles here.

Year 7 Types Of Angles - Lessons - Blendspace

In the example below, you can see the angles that have been found in this shelter.

Next, Your task will be to look at some pictures of shelters and write down the types of angles you see.

Here is an example:

Then, choose at least 2 of the shelters below. For each one, count and record the number of each angle that you can find. You can see the pictures below, or download the pdf here: shelters – find the angles

Challenge: write down the angles that are on the shelter you designed in writing.

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