Tuesday 14/09/21 – Writing

Learning Goal: I can write a procedural text.

In reading today you learned how the Uros people of Peru build floating homes using mud and reeds.

You are going to write a procedural text of how you would create a shelter! Think about the examples you saw this morning in the video about the creative challenge, as well as what materials you have at home that you could use.

First, make a list of what materials you will use (blankets, cushions, chairs, cardboard boxes).

Next, describe the method you will use to build your shelter (e.g. Step 1, position the chairs near the couch. Step 2, lay the sheet over the chairs and couch..)

You can use this template as a guide, or download it to print and fill it out:

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Then, draw a picture of your shelter and colour it in. You might also like to label the features of your shelter.

Finally, re-read and edit your work.

Challenge: If you want to keep writing today, here is an idea. Write a short narrative, or fictional diary entry, written about someone who is lost on a desert island, and who has to build their own shelter to survive!

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