Thursday 16/09/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can use units of measurement accurately.

First, see if you can list all the equipment used by these Olympians in the pictures below:

Next,  read about the recent record below:

A recent Olympic record for throwing the Javelin was about 95 (child) strides, for throwing the shot put it was 76 (child) strides and finally for throwing the discus it was about 82 (child) strides.


Then, think about what units of measurement you could use to give an accurate measurement for those records.

After that, estimate each of the records using formal units of measurement

Informal units

Estimate using formal units of measurement

Accurate measurement


95 strides

Shot put

76 strides


82 strides

Finally, use a measuring tool of your choice, measure the accuracy of each Olympian’s throw.

Don’t forget, you can watch the video below to remind yourself about units of measurements:



Challenge: use your slingshot and see if you can set a new record.  Post the distance of your sock throw in the post below.

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    1. Hey Ella, make sure you watch the video and listen to the instruction audio. If you are still confused, remember to check in with your teacher at 12 pm.

    1. We spoke about it this morning, it was open to any unit of measurement. I’m glad you were able to solve it.
      Remember that if you ever get stuck you can some in at the 12 pm session and ask for help.

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