Thursday 16/09/21 – Reading

Learning Goal: I understand how the indigenous communities hunted.

First, watch the video below on the indigenous hunting tools.

Microsoft Stream


Next, draw the table below in your exercise book.




Then, list all the features of the hunting tools from the video.

Finally, reply to this post by telling me which one of these tools you think was the most efficient and justify your answer by explaining your thinking.

Challenge: find out more about Aboriginal Culture by visiting

33 thoughts on “Thursday 16/09/21 – Reading”

  1. I think the most Efficient one was the spear, because it has a sharp pointy edge making more dangerous and threatening.

      1. What do you mean ‘meet us in Lee’s room’? Are we doing something? And is it today or tomorrow, and what time is it?

        1. Hi Charlotte,

          In our 9am meeting we reviewed tomorrow’s schedule, and I’ll run you through this in our small group meeting at 11:30 🙂


      2. I Definitely think the spear, Because it has a Very pointy edge Which
        Has Very likey hood of going throw the Animal or person you are Hunting

  2. I think the spear is the best because it can there could be Different tops for Different Strategies and could be carried in A lot of places

  3. i think the woomera is most efficient because it can be used as many tools. therefore it can be used for hunting different things, and if you get good at aiming it will not be so hard to use.

  4. I think that the Woombara would be the most effective because you can do a lot of Different thing with it and it is also a really good hunting tool.

  5. I think the spear would be the best one to use because with the woomera it makes aiming more difficult and sometimes the boomerang wont come back. also the spear is more sharp and dangerous

  6. i think the most Efficient weapon would be the woomera because it is a 61cm-91cm spear and it can be used in different ways like digging or just to used as hunting.

  7. I think the most affective was the spear because its a lot more Accurate unless your using a woomera and also i think the spear would do more damage

  8. I think a spear Because it has a sharp end and would be easy to hunt with 🙂 ✨⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️

  9. I think that the woomera was the best tool because it can be used as a knife chisel and digging and a spear throwing device

  10. I think it is the spear because it is light and quick and it can have detachable heads to use when you are closer and for digging and it is sharper

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