Survivor Week Finale

Congratulations to Stef for winning the ultimate survivor challenges this morning on behalf of 3/4E.

Congratulation also to Zoe, Lee, Matt and Meredith for competing in some crazy challenges. Remember students, these challenges were done by adults who made sure they were doing it safely, and you should not attempt to recreate them at home! You can see each class’s mascot, shelter and see the tally for who has located the immunity idols here: Survivor Results 2021

Thanks to Stef Modesti for being our judge.

Well done to all students, families and school staff for being the ultimate survivors of a very busy and unpredictable term 3!

You should all be so proud of yourselves and we hope you enjoy your holidays! Don’t forget to look at the activities posts for today, and it would be great to see you back in your class Webex at 12:00 to celebrate the end of term!

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