Monday 04/10/21 – Science

Learning Goal: I can conduct a scientific investigation.

First, think about the word STEAM. Do you know what it means?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

When we work on science investigations we often need other skills such as technology, engineering, art and maths.

This week you will be given a range STEAM activities that involve two or more of these groups of skills.

For today’s STEAM activities you will need to think like a scientist.

Next, choose one of the investigations below:

Task PDF
Apple Oxidation

What works best for keeping an apple from turning brown? Test to find out! Slice up an apple, and let each slice soak in a different liquid. Then take them out, lay them on a tray, and check the brownness after three minutes, six minutes, and so on.

Apple Oxidation Science Experiment
Instant Ice

This easy science experiment requires very few supplies but has a big impact. All you’ll have to do is pour liquid water and watch it magically turn into ice before your eyes!

Instant Ice Science Experiment


Water In A Bag Pencil Experiment

Check out this really cool water experiment.

All you need are a few simple supplies to get started and this is one experiment that you can try over and over again.

Water In A Bag Pencil Science Experiment


Then, if you are interested, and have time, you might like to do one of the other investigations.

Finally, don’t forget to record any notes, results, images or understandings onto your OneNote.

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