Friday 08/10/21 – Writing

Learning Goal: I know different ways to plan my writing

Today you will be spending time on your personal writing! Personal writing is a time to practise your writing skills and techniques, while working on a piece of writing of your choice! It could be fiction or non-fiction, and any genre you can think of!

An important part of writing, is making a plan to guide and organise your ideas. Now we know that this is a step that students often skip over, or don’t feel that excited about! Watch the video to hear about some different ways to plan and how to make planning part of the process that works for you!

First, watch the video to learn about planning writing:

Next, create a quick plan for what you will work on today.

If you are starting a new piece of writing, this is the time to jot down your key thoughts and ideas – remember that your ideas are precious and we don’t want to lose them!

If you are continuing with a piece of writing that you have already been working on, this is the time to:

  • Reread what you have written
  • Look back over your original plan – is there anything you want to come back to or revise?
  • Set yourself a goal for today and what you want to add to this piece of writing in this session. For example, do you want to add in some more character or setting description? Are you going to aim to finish drafting the build up today?

Then, spend a minimum of 30 minutes writing! Think about any writing goals that you could focus on to help improve your writing.

If you are unsure what to write about today, you can use the story spinner to give you an idea:

Finally, reread what you have written today.

  • Is there anything you want to add or change?
  • Is there any editing you need to do (punctuation, spelling, capital letters)?

Make a note for yourself on your page if there is something you want to remember for when you next work on your personal writing!

Upload your work to OneNote: If you would like a conference or some specific feedback on this piece of writing, type a message for your teacher next to your work when you upload it.

4 thoughts on “Friday 08/10/21 – Writing”

  1. This Lesson sounds fun!
    I was just wondering, could we continue on a series that we have been writing, and could we write for more than 30 minutes?

  2. Nicole, i just want to say, the fact that you can write and amazing story/plan about a nervous wombat that hates wearing socks shows pure talent. ✨

    1. Ha ha, thanks Aubrey I appreciate that comment. However I don’t think it is pure talent – it’s the power of planning! My first thought was that I had no ideas and it was too hard, but then as I started noting down some thoughts it started to come together. I bet you’ll create something even more amazing!

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