Wednesday 13/10/11 – Science

Learning Goal: I can conduct a scientific investigation.

First, as mentioned on Monday, we know STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

We know when we work on science investigations we often need other skills such as technology, engineering, art and maths.

This week you have been given a range STEAM activities that involve two or more of these groups of skills.

For today’s first STEAM activity you will need to use some simple mathematician skills. It also asks you to think like an engineer and as an artist come up with some possible solutions.

Next, choose one of the investigations below:

Task PDF
Do You Have the Strength?

How strong do you think your heart is? How hard does it need to pump to push blood throughout your body? You may want someone to join you in this experiment.


Do You Have the Strength

Just Breathe: Creating Model Working Lungs

Engineers use models to study complicated processes and better understand them. In this activity, you will act like engineers by building models of the lungs in order to study the breathing process and what happens when you breathe in and out.

Just Breathe Creating Model Working Lungs


Then, if you are interested, and have time, you might like to do the other investigations.

Finally, don’t forget to record any notes, results, images or understandings onto your OneNote.

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