Wednesday 13/10/21 – Creative Challenge

Learning Goal: I can explore drawing.

Your challenge for today is to explore ways to draw.

First, collect your favourite toy, something to draw with and some blank paper.

Next, place your favourite toy in front of you. Spend some time just looking at it. Notice all you can about it. The way its placed, any scratches or broken bits. What makes it unique and special.

Now, close your eyes start to draw your chosen object. From memory, keeping your eyes closed.

Next, open your eyes and, on another sheet of paper again draw your chosen object. This time keep looking at all the details.

Now, compare your two drawings.

Finally, you might want to repeat this activity. This time you could find somewhere inside or outside. Take a moment to really observe what you see then close your eyes and draw. Then open them and draw a second picture.  Also, don’t forget to share with your teacher via OneNote.


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