Thursday 14/10/21 – Reading

Learning Goal: I can infer the character’s emotions when I read.

Characters in our stories have feelings, just like people have feelings. They can be positive or negative.

First,  draw the table below and list as many words related to emotions that you can think of.

Positive emotions Negative emotions
Ex. Happy Ex. Sad



Next, listen to the story of the “interrupting chicken” by watching the video below:


Microsoft Stream

Then, pay attention to the characters in the story. Notice how:

  • They act
  • They speak
  • What they say
  • What they think
  • Take some notes in your exercise book.


Finally, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is this telling me about the character?
  • How do you know the character is feeling this way?


Here is an example, using yesterday’s readingNever Satisfied The story of a stone cutter’.

Don’t forget to use your class epic account or a JRB to do 20 minutes of independent reading working on your independent goal.


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