Friday 15/10/21 – Friday Fun!

At the end of a busy week of work, it is time for Friday Fun!

Friday Fun about using all your skills, ideas and creative thinking in an enjoyable way.

We have a suggested activity for you below, but we also know that sometimes you might not have the right materials available, or you may be feeling inspired to create something different. Use your imagination and go for it!

Here are some guidelines for Friday Fun:

  • Avoid screens: you have had so much time all week working online, and we know many of you play games on devices in your free time as well. Friday Fun is a chance to get offline and into the real world.
  • Use what you have: you might have the items for the suggested activity, or adapt or change it based on what you’ve got at home. You might have some other things at home that you have been excited to use (a new lego set, some water colour paints, a fantastic cardboard box that you could turn into anything).
  • You might like to create alone or collaboratively: sometimes it’s nice to take some time to just work on something on your own, and other times you might want to ask a family member to join you. You might even like to connect with a friend, classmate or relative virtually – have them on screen nearby while you work on something off the screen.
  • Have fun: this is a great time to focus on things that you enjoy!

Your teachers would love to see a picture of what you create in OneNote!

Here is today’s suggested Friday Fun activity:

Get your body moving!

Choose one of the short song clips below and create a performance. You can do it by yourself or get someone around you involved. You might just like to move around to the music for your own enjoyment, or you might like to work out a quick routine, add an outfit or accessory and film it to share with your teacher!

Get your best rock star look and practise your air guitar:

Get into the groove and move along with the words:

Throw on some bright colours or sparkles for some high energy dancing:

Prepare to boot scoot and line dance to this one (Lee’s favourite):

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