Monday 18/04/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can collect, represent, and interpret data.

First watch the video below to see the instructions for today’s lesson.


You will need:

  • A bucket, tub or box.
  • A ball, or a rolled-up pair of socks.
  • Your math’s book
  • A pencil


  • Stand next to your bucket and take 4 large steps back. 
  • Mark where you are standing with an object. 
  • Have 10 attempts to throw your ball or socks into the bucket.
  • Tally how many went in.

Then, repeat these instructions

  • 5 steps back from your bucket
  • 6 steps back from your bucket
  • 7 steps back from your bucket
  • 8 steps back from your bucket

Finally, look at your tally for each turn. Write down what you notice about your results.

Don’t forget to tally correctly.

Challenge: ask a family member to have a go and tally their results too. 

Work sample to upload to OneNote:  your tally and what you noticed.

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