Tuesday 19/10/21 – Creative Challenge

Learning GoalI can create an Owl Puppet.

Today you are  going to create an Owl Puppet. Pictures of the steps are in the slideshow below:

First, you will need a paper or plastic cup, white paper, colored paper, black paper, sticky tape or glue, scissors and something to cut a small hole with.

Now, with scissors, cut out oval feather shapes from colored paper. Glue in layered rows around cup.

Nexttrace your hands and cut out. These are your face feathers. From a different coloured paper, cut out a beak. Cut two circles from the white paper, and two larger black circles.

Thenglue eyes onto the face feathers. Fold beak and glue it between eyes.

Now, glue the eyes and face feathers to top of the cup. If you want, punch two holes facing each other and thread elastic or string through to wear as a hat.

Finally, if you don’t have the materials needed  to make the owl, maybe you want to try making a jellyfish or a tissue box monster.

Don’t forget to share your picture with your teacher via OneNote.

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