Wednesday 20/10/21 – Creative Challenge

Learning Goal: I can create my name in an interesting and creative way.

First, you name can say a lot about who you are. How you choose to represent your name can say even more.

Next, experiment with some ideas and a plan of a creative and interesting way to draw your name. Think about some personal symbols or drawings of things that interest you. You might want to include some repeat designs or patterns. Think of color schemes:

  • red, yellow, orange for a warm feel
  • blue, violet, green for a cool feel
  • using all of the same color but adding white and black

Then, come up with 5 thumbnail sketches of what your design might look like. Thumbnail sketches are small quick pencil drawings of what your larger finished, more detailed, design will look like.

Finally,  create your final design.

Challenge: instead of a drawing or painting you might want to create a three dimensional sculpture of your name, or at least your initials.

Don’t forget to share your picture with your teacher via OneNote.

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