Thursday 21/10/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can collect, represent, and interpret data.

First: Watch the video/PowerPoint below.

Next, think of a category that you could collect data on. For example:

  • How many basketball hoops can each member of the family shoot in a minute?
  • How many movies did each of my friends watch in the holidays?
  • How many types of fruit are there in your kitchen.

Then, collect the data and write down the results. You can do a tally, or write the number down.

Finally, make a graph to represent your data. Include all of the features you need for other people to read your graph.

Write down what this graph shows you.

Don’t forget to check your graph has an X and Y axis, labels and a title.

Challenge: Can you create a different type of graph for this information.

Work sample to upload to OneNote:  Your graph and what you noticed it showed you.

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