Friday 22/10/21 – Maths

Learning goal: I can use strategies from the mathematician’s toolbox to solve problems

Today you will be solving a real-world based story problem. When we solve worded problems, we might need to think of different types of strategies and use different maths skills. Here is today’s problem:

First… read through today’s problem below and think about what you know or what you could do to solve it:

Farmer Fionas Fence maths problem Part 1

Do you have a strategy in mind? If you do, you might like to have a think about how you would solve it. If not, you can go straight to the video below.

Next… watch the video to see an example of a similar problem, and learn about a strategy that could help you with this problem.

Then… use this strategy, or one of your own choice, to solve the problem. Make sure you have checked your work carefully.

Finally: Once you have worked through the first part of the problem, you can use your number skills to solve the questions in the second part:

Farmer Fionas Fence maths problem Part 2

Challenge:  Is there away to know how many fence posts you would need without drawing the diagram? Could you come up with a rule that would explain how to work this out for a rectangle of any size?

Don’t forget to post a photo of your work in OneNote

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