Friday 22/10/21 – Writing

Learning Goal: I know how to use paragraphs

Today you will be spending time on your personal writing. Personal writing is a time to practise your writing skills and techniques, while working on a piece of writing of your choice! It could be fiction or non-fiction, and any genre you can think of!

Today when you work on your personal writing, your goal is to think about how you are using paragraphs to organise and break up your writing.

First, watch the video to find out about paragraphs:

Next, create a quick plan for what you will work on today.

If you are starting a new piece of writing, this is the time to jot down your key thoughts and ideas – remember that your ideas are precious and we don’t want to lose them!

If you are continuing with a piece of writing that you have already been working on, this is the time to:

  • Reread what you have written
  • Look back over your original plan – is there anything you want to come back to or revise?
  • Set yourself a goal for today and what you want to add to this piece of writing in this session. For example, do you want to add in some more character or setting description? Are you going to aim to finish drafting the build up today?

Then, spend a minimum of 30 minutes writing! Think about any writing goals that you could focus on to help improve your writing.

If you are unsure what to write about today, you can choose one of these images to inspire you. Choose one of the places and look carefully at all the detail in the photo. These could be settings for a story, you could write a description of what you can see, you could create a poem based on the feeling from the place, or write a persuasive advertisement convincing people to come here:

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  • Reread what you have written today. Is there anything you want to revise (add, remove or change)?
  • Edit what you have written for correct punctuation, especially full stops and capital letters. You might also think about exclamation marks, questions marks, commas and talking marks. Don’t forget to check your use of paragraphs.

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