Monday 25/10/21 – Reading

Learning Goal: I can expand my vocabulary.

First, click on the link to read the passage from ‘Donovan’s Word Jar’ by Monalisa De Gross. You can also listen to it.

A passage from Donovan’s Word Jar-converted (1)

Next, Good readers have a great vocabulary, which means they know and understand the meaning of lots of different words.

Choose 3 words from the text that are new, unusual or different to you.

Write the words down, and what you think each one means.

Then, look up what each word means in a dictionary, and write down its meaning.

If you don’t have a dictionary at home, you can click on this link for an online dictionary.

Finally, write a short summary of the text.

Don’t forget to some personal reading for 20 minutes.

Challenge: Can you make your own word jar and find some new words to go in it?

3 thoughts on “Monday 25/10/21 – Reading”

  1. It doesn’t just need to be words that you don’t know. It can be words that are unusual or different, or words that you don’t normally use everyday.

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